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Why I decided to start hosting websites

Raise your hand if you hate receiving pushy and salesy phone calls? 🙌🏻

All hands should be up right?!

That type of call is exactly what one of my clients received from their website host. I’ve gotten them before too! But after my client called me confused and concerned I KNEW I had to do something about it so that it didn’t happen again.

See, this sales person was telling my client:

  • her website was not safe, even though she had purcahsed an SSL certificate.
  • that the domain she had purchased wasn’t kept by them (though it was!) and really should be because they were providing hosting.
  • that they could help improve her SEO. Her website was still being built and not even live at the time
  • they could make it easier to manger her website with a website builder. This particular one is one that I would NEVER recommend, and yes I’ve used it!

Oh my goodness that is a lot to be thrown in one call! Especially when you don’t understand when any of it means! — Nobody has time for that!

The solution?

I began researching and decided to partner with a web host to offer hosting to my clients myself! 


  • My clients will not receive pushy sales calls like this again – #1
  • I will no longer have to put this work on my client to decide on a host, purhcase and provide information – I will be able to do all the set up and let my client focus on their work and being excited about having a new website soon!
  • The partnership with this web host still allows my clients to have full access to everything hosting and domain related on their website so they have peace of mind that they can still access it!
  • I can be sure that my clients have quality hosting for a reasonable price, without overpaying for more than they need.

Do I really need hosting?

You may be wondering, what about If my website will be on Squarespace, Showit or Shopify that already has hosting included. You are correct. In these cases no additional hosting would be needed.

This type of hosting would be for my clients building their website on WordPress or with custom coding where they need to self host.



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