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When is the right time for a rebrand?

Now this is a big question: when is the right time for a rebrand?

A rebrand has many different levels, but ultimately a rebrand should come from a shift or a misalignment in the core of your brand.

Your strategy has changed

A brand is a perception of your business, and that perception is created from the strategy of your why, mission, vision, values, who you serve and how. So when we talk about a rebrand we are talking about a shift in your brand strategy. And it is perfectly normal and healthy to have shifts in our strategy.We are people, we grow, and with that so does our business. In fact, I recommend checking in with your brand strategy at least once every year. 

When our strategy changes we have to rebrand and consider how we can make our brand cohesive around this new strategy. If it is adding a new value, how do we introduce it and communicate it? If it is a shift in who our client is, how do we communicate that to our existing client as well as reach our new client?

Does a rebrand mean I need to update my logo?

Sometimes these shifts in our brand are small or are a natural change and won’t require a lot of work to implement and align with. Just because there is a change in your strategy does not automatically mean that you need to redesign your logo or website. Your logo works to represent your brand and give a desired perception to your company. So if your existing logo is able to still do that even with your rebrand, by all means keep it! 

It is a lot of time and money to update your logo and full brand identity, not to mention communicating the change with your client so they understand why and still recognize and trust your brand. Your client is invested too!

If your strategy has changed to the point that your brand identity does not align or provide the accurate perception of your brand then YES! This is the time to redesign your logo. But know subtle changes in a logo refresh can make a big difference as well – it won’t always mean a complete overhaul. 

Are you wondering if you may be in need of a rebrand? Connect with me, I’m happy to discuss if this is the best step for you.

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