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What to consider for a mobile-friendly website design

What device do you use to make most of your Google searches?

I think it would be safe to assume you most often use your phone. Most statistics say over 60% of Google searches are done from a mobile device, with some saying up to 80%. And when it comes to search listings, Google puts a lot of importance on if your website is mobile-friendly in order to rank.

Mobile design is important for SEO

This makes mobile website design SO important. Though I’ll admit it can also be a frustrating aspect because of how many different device sizes there are! Thankfully, I’ve learned a few tricks along the way and I’m always thinking about how a design will fit on smaller devices as I’m designing. 

What to consider in mobile design

But other than making sure everything fits on a smaller screen here are additional things to consider for mobile:

Text size
On smaller devices or if your ideal client is older, seeing smaller text on a screen may be difficult to read. But also headings with large font size may be too big for mobile and need to be decreased to avoid it taking up too much of the screen or over use of hyphenation.

Especially on mobile, can links be clicked easily? Having enough space around a link and using larger buttons are a great solution.

Load times + functionality
HIstorically a website as it is on desktop will take longer to load on mobile. And some features like animations, hover effects or or sliders may not function as well on mobile. Consider limiting these items for your mobile website to reduce load times. Having alternatives for images on mobile that are sized smaller and more accurately of a smaller screen is also another option to reduce load time.

Visual contrast
On many visual builders, when using photos as a background text can be difficult to read even on desktop. And when those backgrounds are sized down for mobile it can make it more difficult. Consider this in your mobile design and creating an alternative background.

Are you interested in a review of your website to learn how you can make it more mobile friendly?

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