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We Rise  Retreat

A Three Day Event for Soulful Entrepreneurs to Take Their Business and Life to New Heights 

If you’re thinking this logo is somewhat familiar you probabaly remember or know my friends Kaela and Lisa over at Rise Leadership Circle. Last year in October they announced the launch of their new coaching partnership and I had the pleasure of designing their logo. These ladies are all about standing “for women to own their power, value & worth so they can be well paid and live a prosperous life.” 

P.s. this totally aligns with my own mission!

With one year since the annoucement of Rise Leadership Circle approaching these ladies are already set to host their second retreat of 2019 in Chicago, IL called WE Rise. I’ll be there! I’ve been signed up since their first retreat back in May. Here is what I had to say about the last retreat (and you can find it on the WE Rise retreat page):

“The past few days I’ve been surrounded by a group of 50 female entrepreneurs who are creating amazing things at the Rise Leadership Circle retreat. Together we had the chance to rise up and declare how we will level up next in our lives and businesses. These experiences themselves are always uplifting and full of energy that pumps you up. But part of what I love about Rise is that the love and energy continues long after the weekend retreat is over. These ladies are my circle sisters that I get to go to when I need support, a shift in energy, help with an idea and to celebrate all the wins. And I get to do the same for them. It is this environment that gave me the push to live into my dream of travel while working. The support of Kaela and Lisa as my coaches and the many powerful women who stand beside me in Rise led to me fulfilling this dream so soon. I would not have imagined I’d actually be doing this a year ago.” 

Truly it was such an uplifting and empowering experience!  

The team at Rise has done incredible things in such a short time. Things like donating $10,000 to charity, growing into their third circle level for supporting women to further their leadership, and hosting counteless workshops, courses and coaching calls in service of the women they stand for.

So, when Kaela reached out to me asking if I’d be willing to design an on brand logo for specific to WE Rise I was more than willing to show up and create more amazing things with these ladies. 

About the Logo

This fall retreat is planed ot always be hosted within a city, so the theme I was given for reference and how they are planning the retreat was: City Glam. In reasearching possiblities for what city glam could be I came across a couple reocurring themes for glam. The first was a lot of classic chic black with textures. The second was light, and specifically the way light reflected and played, typically in streaks or in circles. When thinking of a city we of course picture the cityscape or skyline.

As I began sketching out ideas, I was drawn to the idea of light, and in the final concept I used the circles shape from the light reflections (and the circle concept of Rise) to build a city skyline that rises up. The Rise text is consistent with the Rise logo to easily connect the two, with a further connection of the circle in the logo rising up over the skyline. The gradient effect in the color version also plays with the idea of light while matching the feminie feel, going from the darker purple color to the rose quartz color of their brand.


Join me at WE Rise in October!

I’d love to see you at WE Rise, October 3-5, 2019 in Chicago, IL. I’ll be there with many of my circle sisters and YOU are welcome too, whether you are currently part of Rise or not, YOUR Rise Matters.

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