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unique business card ideas

Do you still use a business card? 

I’ll be honest, it isn’t for everyone. But I have had a lot of
conversations lately around business cards. It is a simple thing, but it has the power to be one of the most effective marketing tools you have. A few reasons why include:

  • A business card allows you to easily exchange information. There is no digging for that scrap piece of paper and pen or adding it to your phone and forgetting it there.
  • Your potential client can write on the business card. I have and I know others who will write something a characteristic about the person they received the card from or a part of their conversation on the card. It really helps to remember who the person was at a large networking event or conference.
  • They can be left places and easily shared. If the right information is on a business card, they can work for you to reach people you haven’t met and you don’t have contact information for.


Of course, we receive a lot of business cards. So how can we make is stand out and not be tossed at the bottom of a purse or the paper pile on a desk? Having something unique about your business card can help. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorites:


Paper quality

I absolutely love thick card stocks when it comes to business cards. It has a bit more weight to it and it feels sturdy, giving that confidence of stability to you business! But of course the feel of the paper is also important to the tactile (touch) experience. For example, a linen paper would have more texture than a standard card stock.


Unique Content

Something fun I recommend from time to time is to add unique information to your business card. Of course we have our name and contact information included. But have you ever considered including your favorite quote or an interesting fact about yourself? Not only does it show your personality through your business card but it will probably be shared because it is creating a connection with you.



I had to mention this one, right? If we are really being honest with ourselves, many business cards are very cookie cutter. They have a white background with the logo in the upper left corner and contact information on the right side, and the back side if left blank. A business card is a small space of information real estate and consideration does have to be given to what can all fit on it without being too crowded. However, you can add a lot more character with shapes, colors, or even a more detailed design element or photograph related to your products or services. The shape of the business card can even be considered! I’ve even done circle business cards. Just be careful that it will still fit nicely in a business card holder. It is annoying when you have that one card that just doesn’t fit, and we don’t want that to reflect on you or your business.



This one makes my inner design nerd smile. I LOVE a good finish! It can be a simple element like the spot gloss I did on the business cards for Bay Area Life Center that adds a bit of dimension without distracting from the design. It could also be a foil finish to give it a metallic shine. Other options include letterpress, embossing and colored edges.

I’d love to hear which idea you like best. Send me a message on Instagram: @sarahschraderdesign.

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