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Tuesdays together: January 2020

Setting a Plan for 2020

After a much deserved month of rest in December local creative business owners gathered for our first regular TuesdaysTogether meeting of 2020, a monthly meeting of our local Rising Tide Society chapter here in Green Bay. We met at Pepper GB, a hidden gem with a fun eclectic vibe in downtown Green Bay. Pepper GB is an artisan lounge with a gluten free kitchen and plenty of vegan options As we gathered in the cozy couches and chairs with our craft beverages, we discussed our business missions and visions before breaking into small groups and diving into a plan to achieve one really juicy goal for the year.

You’ve probably have your own goal you’re looking to achieve this year; you’ve been dreaming it up and wanting to make it happen. This month’s topic: Vision Casting + Goal Setting (click to download the guide) helped us to break down our goals into steps to help move us forward, even this month yet! Plus, we shared successful and repeatable systems to continue moving forward beyond January.


Takeaways from the Meeting

We were able to take away a lot of great advice from the guide, including worksheets to help work through creating a mission + vision and plan out goals. A few other takeaways include:

Start with Your Mission + Vision
Defining a mission for your business and a vision helps to guide your goals, making sure they are inline with your mission and vision. It lets our focus be on our why instead of simply jumping into the work.

Break Larger Goals into Smaller Milestones + a Plan
Have you ever looked at a goal and it seems so large that it becomes overwhelming and you don’t even know how you will reach it or where to begin? Or you jump into doing something you think will help but as you continue to just do the work you’re not getting the results you were hoping for? Yeah, me too.

One thing you can do to help with the overwhelm is break the larger goal into smaller milestones. Look at your goal and when you want to achieve it and then work backwards. So if you want to have 10 new clients by April 30, what is a milestone for March 30? Perhaps it is having 7 of the 10 clients. Then 4 of the 10 by February 29 (it’s a leap year this year 😉) and 2 by January 30. Your focus for January then is the two clients; a lot more manageable!

After that, then you can make a plan to reach those milestones. What things have to be done in January to book those two clients: talk to x-number of people, send x-number of emails, host an event, promote a special, etc. When do these things need to be completed by? What then has to be done and by when in February, March, and April?

This approach can be used whether you are talking one month, six months or a whole year. It gives you your step by step plan to help you succeed in reaching your goal.

Set Yourself Up for Success 
Ok, you have the plan but just like a New Years resolution it can be easy to find yourself distracted and taken off track from your goals; losing your attention to other to-do list items. How can you set yourself up to follow the plan you created? A few things that were mentioned: a morning routine, self-care, tracking, accountability and a visual reminder.

Having a morning routine, your ideal start to the day is a great way to start your day off right and put you in the right space to make waves towards your goal. Self-care can be a part of that! Whether a workout, enjoying a cup of coffee, journaling or whatever that looks like for you. Taking care of yourself first allows you to then give to others fully.

Tracking your goal and those milestones is another way to set yourself up for success. Perhaps it is something you keep track in a notebook or planner, digitally or in a fun wall display for a visual reminder. Anything that helps keep your why and the how of your goal front of mind.

One of our TuesdaysTogether members for accountability mentioned she has a friend who has a daily reminder on her phone asking “would you hire yourself today?” It was an interesting perspective to have that 1pm notification come up and pause to check in on your day. Having some form of accountability, whether a reminder or a business bestie that you check in with is great for those days that don’t start off with that perfect morning routine or life just gets in the way to help reground you in your vision and refocus on your goals.


Have a success sysetm that helsp you reach your goals? Drop a comment below to share with us!


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