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3 reasons having a website is important

In the past four months, I’ve realized the importance of a well thought out brand and website.  I figured out my ideal client, designed my brand, focused on my core services and launched my website. Launching my website has allowed me to increase my income by 2500% in a 3-month period.  Here’s why I believe a website is super important for your business:


A website gives you credibility.

It allows you to showcase yourself and your brand online. Without a website, potential clients don’t really know if your business is legit.  It’s not often that you come by a company without a site. Let’s think about the last time you wanted to learn a little more about a business, where did you immediately go? The answer: to their website. Do you remember what you thought if they didn’t have one?


Ultimately your customers expect that you have a website, and a Facebook page is not a great alternative to a website. Why? A website shows that you’ve invested at least a little $ into your business ,and shows that you’re established and serious about your business. A Facebook page is free.

A website gives you confidence.

Before my website was launched I’ll be honest; I hid from the masses because I didn’t feel established. I guess my line of work is a little different, and it was tough to sell a client website design work when I didn’t have a website myself. Launching my website, alone, gave me a massive boost of confidence in my business. I had my site to back up whatever I said and it gave me credibility, which ultimately gave me confidence.

Having confidence in what you do is essential to be able to sell yourself and your services or products. Let’s face it, if you’re timid when it comes to your business, a potential client will see right through it and be unsure of hiring you too.

A website allows your business to be seen 24/7/365.

AND you control what’s being seen. The ability for a potential client to go to your website to see what you’re about before even talking to you is a huge benefit. You get to showcase whatever you want on your website, and you can totally customize and control their experience so that much of the selling can be done prior to a client even talking to you. 

How about those clients in different time zones? If you’re an e-commerce business wouldn’t it be great to sell products while you’re sleeping? Talk about passive income!


Of course, there are so many more reasons why a website is

  • your competitors have one
  • you’ll show up on Google
  • you can address frequently asked questions, etc.

But these top three are my favorite, and I believe are the most impactful.

There are tons of resources to get a website up and running – from free DIY options to low-cost DIY options, to hiring an affordable website designer. 

Have no clue where to start? Contact Alex at HeiPro Digital at for a free consultation, and she’ll help you get your website started based on the option that’s best for you – free or not!

About Alex

Alex is a website expert & educator – Squarespace guru, and is passionate about helping boss ladies (and men) showcase themselves online with their number one sales tool, their website. She’s a mother to the most adorable (yes, biased) little boy and a sweet pup. She’s crazy for her husband, who she has been with since they were in high school.  Alex is a Wisconsin girl living in Minneapolis and she loves cheese, beer, and of course the Packers.

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