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This week I will the release of the 15th episode of The Creative Legacy Podcast (What?! Crazy!) with my co-host Shaunae, the amazing photographer who has taken all of my brand photos.

In our first episode of The Creative Legacy Podcast we talked about how we ended up starting this podcast, but that question does seem to still come up in conversation. So in celebration of releasing episode 15, I thought I’d talk about why I decided to start the journey into the audio world.

I Love Podcasts

I’ve been listening to podcasts for years. I even did a blog post on a my old website about my obsession over them and shared a few of my favorites at the time. I think I will rewrite that now because there are a lot more on that list! But how did that obsession of listening turn into me talking in my own podcast with Shaunae? 

Holding Myself Back

I often have many ideas and thoughts in my head – starting a YouTube channel, making a jewelry line, products to sell, creating a magazine for designers, etc. And just as often, I give myself excuses to not start them; or limiting beliefs as my coach calls them. Even though I did have all the elements I needed for a basic podcast, I still had excuses, fear, and imposter syndrome – thinking who am I to do this? What excuses and fear did’t take away, was the desire to start. It only kept me from actually starting.

A Chance Conversation

In October of 2017 after having talked a lot about podcasts we enjoy among our Green Bay TuesdaysTogether group, Shaunae posted a Facebook prompt to the group asking what people’s favorite podcasts were, and if anyone has their own. There were many responses of favorite podcasts but I wasn’t seeing any that someone in our group was creating themselves. So, I commented asking if anyone had even thought about starting one. This led to a quick couple of comments between Shaunae and myself and our own interest in beginning the podcasting journey. 

I had always thought having a co-host would be great for a podcast. I enjoy the conversational style in the podcasts I listen to with co-hosts and the loved idea of not having to sit in a room talking by myself to an unseen listener. When Shaunae boldly commented “Let’s do one Sarah!!” I will admit my heart jumped in excitement at the idea. And if I was going to have a co-host, why not have it be a good friend and an amazing and talented creative entrepreneur? 

The idea stuck! In a meeting among the leadership team for our TuesdaysTogether group we said it out loud, “We’re starting a podcast!”

Life Gets in the Way — Just Need a Push

I’ll admit, nothing really happened right away. We are both working hard at our businesses and living life, so going into the holidays and dealing with the unexpected of life, things get busy. The idea remained in the back of my mind though, and in March for my birthday I asked for a microphone that I’d be able to record with. Now, we could have started our podcast without it, absolutely! But it became the reason to start the conversation again. I reached out to Shaunae in an Instagram message with a photo of the new microphone and asked, “Still interested in starting that podcast?” When she replied, “Yes!” It was all we needed. 

We set up a coffee meeting at one of our favorite local spots, Kavarna, and laid out all the details and a plan to start. As two creative entrepreneurs we knew we had a lot we could share on the topic, so that became our focus. But one of the awesome things in working with Shaunae is that we share a lot of the same interests and ideas. Both of us absolutely love travel and think a work-life balance is key. We also are total bookworms who love to read – so The Creative Legacy Podcast Book Club was born and we have already released two episodes for our book club – An Intentional Life by Karen Stott (who we had guest host with us) and Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuck. The third one is being released this week!

Time to Launch

After about a month of planning, developing a mission, choosing a name, securing a domain name and social media handles, brainstorming topic ideas, and recording a couple practice episodes we let our friends and family know what we were doing. We received the warmest response, and we are so appreciative of it. 

It has been such a passion project for us both to put this podcast out there for you to listen to, and we are thankful to hear that it is resonating with many of you. I have personally enjoyed interacting with many of you more and hearing about your creative journeys! 

Thank you to each of you who listen every week as we put out new episodes. We hope to continue providing you with content you love!

Cheers to the next 15 episodes, and the 15 after that, and the 15 after that….😉

P.s. Next Step In Our Podcast Journey

We just launched a group on Facebook for our podcast listeners. It is a safe space to share ideas, seek advice, talk about fears and dreams, and allow us to get to know one another! You can request to join by searching for the The Creative Legacy Podcast group on Facebook.

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