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brand consulting

brand consulting Packages

Mini brand consultation

 If you have a question about your brand and are looking for guidance on what steps to take the mini brand consultation is designed to help you answer your question and create a strategy of next steps in a one-hour call. This option is is flexible to your branding related question.


Brand Questionnaire

Ask Your Branding Questions

1-Hour Call to Discuss

Detailed Notes on Call

Pre-Existing Helpful Resources

72-Hour Email Follow-Up

answer your questions



Sometimes a one-hour call is not enough or you are looking for greater help with your branding like planning out a new brand, marketing a current one or rebranding your existing business. A custom plan can be created to fit your needs. 

We will start with a mini brand consultation to help define the best course of action for your custom consultation. The $350 mini consultation will be put towards the investment of the custom proposal for your consultation.


Mini Brand Consultation

Customized Consultation Plan to Fit Your Needs


starts with mini brand consultation

Happy Clients

“Thank you so much for you help with creating a game plan for my branding that didn’t feel overwhelming to this newbie. 😉 The brand consultation was very helpful in creating a strategy to brand myself across different media platforms and I appreciate that I have access to notes to refer back to.”


It was very helpful to have a discussion about my branding. It helped me move forward and gave me a lot to think about. I think what was most helpful was seeing how having a brand mission statement helps with messaging especially to keep it in mind while creating content.

The notes are fantastic! I scribbled down notes during our discussion but it’s not as fleshed out as the notes Sarah sent. I really appreciate being able to go back to them. The action steps are great for summarizing what to do next and they are do-able.