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Rise leadership circle brand idenity

As I was beginning Aileour, I connected with Kaela Gedda, an ontological life coach who works with women that want to build lucrative businesses and live lives they love. Kaela is a member of our local Rising Tide Society, and I first met her at a TuesdaysTogether meet-up. 

As I was readying myself to shed my title of freelancer and pick up one of full-time business owner, Kaela announced she was hosting an event called Slay Day, which I talked about in a previous blog post. I soon found myself in a room with other boss ladies, opening up, connecting with our visions, and setting big goals. It was a day full of inspiration and motivation that I needed as I began my entrepreneur journey. 

So much value was given that day I thanked Kaela for all that she had given only two hours into the 6-hour event. When Kaela mentioned to us that that she was soon offering a program called Enter Entrepreneurship, where she would work with us to create $6,000 of income in six-weeks, I knew I was in and signed up that day. That was the beginning of my coaching journey with her. Today I am part of a year long mastermind with her, creating support system,  not only from her, but from the other members of the mastermind. It has been a blessing working with her. Enter Entrepreneurship is also how I met Jenni to create her B.Unstoppable logo.

A New Way of Coaching

At this year’s Slay Day Kaela announced something special. With her mom, Lisa Liimatta, who is also a coach, by her side they shared a beautiful mission and vision:

Our mission is to create a new world order of conscious entrepreneurs who are rising into their power through community, coaching, and leadership and causing a ripple effect of abundance, generosity, and possibility.

We stand for conscious entrepreneurs to embrace who they are, live an epic life, and make their mark on the world.

Rise Leadership Circle

They, together, are starting a new coaching business named Rise Leadership Circle that will revolutionize the coaching industry and the model of how success is created. Those who are a part of rise will be joined together with entrepreneurs to form a circle. Each circle is kept to an intimate number of people and has a circle captain to help create the space for the group to check-in and set and achieve their goals, celebrate their wins and receive additional support when needed from Kaela and Lisa. The circle is able to support each other to rise individually and as a group with each 90-day block. To add to this beautiful vision, Kaela and Lisa are also providing trainings and an abundant about of resources to help everyone who is part of Rise  to have a lucrative live and business.

They have also provided a free webinar to achieve your big goal in 90-days. Find access to that here.

About the Logo

I will admit I, along with my mastermind group, I had a sneak peek of Rise Leadership Circle prior to Slay Day 2018’s announcement. As Kaela was explaining it in our call, I was already in love with the idea and the support it will undoubtedly create. To add to the excitement shortly after hearing about Rise, I received a text saying “I’m going to need a logo for Rise. How do I hire you?”

I mean, I’ll take more of those confident texts any day! 
When I am excited about something AND I am able to create for it, it makes it that much more fun for me. Working on this project also allowed me the space to connect with Lisa, and you guys…she is amazing! I have loved learning about her story and journey to where she is now. I’m even more excited that I will have them both as a resource now. 

What Inspired the Shape of the Logo
In creating the logo for them, I kept close in mind the idea of ripples and rising up. This final concept represents their vision with a ripple below a circle. The circle is reminiscent of their new business name, as well as the circles of entrepreneurs that will be formed. When I added in color to the logo I also connected a softness and gradient to be reflective of water rippling out. The circle shape placed above the ripple also represents rising up – think a rising sun or moon.

Is It a Sun, Moon or Both?
Kaela had asked me if I meant for the circle to be a sun or moon or both. I playfully said I’m going to say both, not wanting to put focus on one or the other in that moment. But the truth is, it really was both! When I think of rising, the sun is the most common image. I also had in mind that both Kaela and Lisa stay connected with the natural cycle of the moon to set a rhythm for focusing inward and setting goals for themselves. You can see this reference with a subtle crescent in the circle to represent the moon.

A Few More Fun Facts
The font of Rise is Lato, with a custom S to give more roundness to it and emphasizing the roundness of a circle again. When we choose colors, we looked at silvers, golds and natural colors found in crystals. We landed on a more feminine vibe, fitting with their mostly female clientele, and choose to pair with silver two beautiful pink colors found in rose quartz.  

I absolutely loved working with Kaela and Lisa on this project, and was so honored by their confidence in me to create a logo that represents this new way of coaching they are introducing to the world. 

Find Rise Leadership Circle Online

The Rise website is being designed by Alex VandeHei of HeiPro Digital, who previously had a guest blog with me. It will be available at

Join their free Posibilitarian Power Pack Facebook group today for even more support and tips from these beautiful ladies. 

And then give their new Facebook page a like and Instagram a follow. 

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