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Craft Your Brand to Speak Boldly

You may have caught that I started using a new tagline recently. I added it to the header of my emails, my Facebook page cover, Instagram description and put it on the front page of my website. It is the start of the updates that will be happening within Aileour and I’m ready to begin sharing more details about what those changes are.

A Bit of History

While I was traveling these last four months and away from the distractions of home I had a lot of time to reflect on both myself and my business. It was definitely an emotional ride but what came out the other side was the clearest vision I’ve had to my mission and vision.

It begins with connecting to my own story, including a few painful elements. Two things I want to share are, I was raised by my mom after my parents divorced. She quite literally started with zero dollars in the bank account and made it work to raise me as a single parent. She found a way to keep me in the same school district so I could be with my friends. She filled every one of my needs, sometimes neglecting her own. She instilled in me the value of working hard and loving others. She is one of the strongest and driven women I know. She is kind, humble and selfless in many ways. She gives so much love to her family and her friends. While I’m sure you can now say, without even knowing her, “she sounds amazing!” it is something I know she does not feel about herself. Even when I’ve told her many times. Y’all this kills me!

The second story is that my quietness, while I appreciate the ability it has given me to listen, is a limiting belief I have in my own self. Though shy, I was not quiet as a child. Along the way I was told to be quiet enough times that it is the trait I took on in all circumstances. As a result, I stopped speaking up and sharing my opinion. In realizing this in the last year, it is something I have been working to change. I chose my theme of the year this year to be bold and share openly. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m improving!

Digging into these two parts of my story; a daughter raised by a single parent and witnessing the power and drive a woman can have, and as someone breaking free of the silence, I realized these were both large parts of my mission. Life also works in ways that I was already subconsciously leaning into these without even knowing.


The New Working Mission & Why

I say working, only because I’m still ironing out the wrinkles of the wording. But it’s so close I wanted to share.

Mission Statement:
Aileour exists to help women with passion and soul driven business succeed through clear and confident branding that speaks to the heart of their client needs so they get to live their dream lives filled with intention, joy and adventure.

My Why Behind It All
To use my skills and knowledge to teach and support women to build confidence through a strong brand and stand in their power as business owners and leaders to serve their clients and live a successful life they love.

Ok, quick note: I love working with my male clients as well and will breathe the same mission and why into my projects with them and future male clients. This alignment to focusing my mission on female entrepreneurs is simply embracing my own story and passion.

I mentioned earlier that I was already subconsciously leaning into this mission and why without even realizing it. The biggest examples are that most of my clients are females and that I have helped with many causes that also have a mission to support and empower women. Power of the Purse is one I have been involved with for many years, and more recently while in South Africa, helping the Sakhulwazi Women’s Hub.

My unique position in this is:

• I know what it is like to feel small and quiet

• I combine marketing with design and focus on clear and impactful communication

• My past showed me what a failed business can do to a family

• I’ve experienced how powerful a woman can be

Because of this I am able to craft a brand built for you, with you in mind, that works seamlessly throughout your business and resonates with your client.


More to Come

I’m really excited to be positioning myself as a brand expert. Of course I have more things in the works and to come to support this new alignment, and I will continue to share them with you over the next weeks and months. Follow along with all the updates by:

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