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Pure barre
Green Bay 3-year celebration 

When I hear the words “Final 10!” and the countdown begins, I know I’ve got it. Nothing is going to stop me from holding on for just a bit longer to hear that final one count and feel the satisfaction of finishing a part of my Pure Barre workout strong. 

I have had gym memberships in the past. While there is nothing wrong with gyms, they didn’t hold me accountable. And when it comes to workouts, I wasn’t holding myself accountable! That all changed for me when I began attending classes at Pure Barre Green Bay. They gave me the accountability I needed. There is an instructor there for each class ready to push me to new limits and make me stronger. Seriously… can we talk about how I can hold a plank for a minute and thirty-seconds now? That is still crazy to me. Plus with upbeat music turned up so you can really zone in, it is a lot of fun!

Attending Pure Barre classes was one of the best decisions I have made for myself because of this. Not to mention it gives me an hour a day to focus on me and be ready to take on the day. So it makes me really excited to be celebrating with them this coming week for their Customer Appreciation Week leading up to their 3-Year Anniversary celebration on Saturday, November 17.

What is Pure Barre?

If you are wondering what Pure Barre is, it is a low impact, high intensity full-body workout that focuses on small movements to target and strengthen your muscles, with special attention given to thighs, seat and abs. 

Class Options
Another thing I love about Pure Barre is the variety. Between different music set lists, their many amazing instructors, a variety of movements that can be used and three different types of classes, no class is the same. Which means I am never bored with my workout! My go to class is classic, where I can really focus on specific muscles to lift, tone and burn. Empower is a bit faster paced and has more of a cardio focus. The newest class, Reform, is a lot of fun with it’s sliders and focuses a lot on core strength and balance. But don’t get me wrong, it is currently the most challenging class for me!

How Is Pure Barre Celebrating 3-Years?

This week is a great time to try any of the barre classes if you are in the Green Bay area. I mean, Just check out their schedule of fun events and deals! No way am I missing the Tuck and Glow, Flashback Friday and the Saturday Anniversary Party.

Plus they are offering amazing deals for their anniversary, including one-month of unlimited classes for $99! And if you sign up for their 12-month unlimited plan you will receive the first month for only $30.

About the Invitation & Social Media Design for the Events

Now that I have told you how much I absolutely love Pure Barre, I can also say that I was honored to have the owner, Brooke, ask me to help out with creating an invitation design and social media images for this big celebration.

The design was kept fairly simple with emphasis given to three years and celebration, and using the colors of their brand: red, black and white. We used photos taken by our friend Shaunae Teske Photography to show what Pure Barre is like from its community to its workouts. Of course playful elements were added in like the champagne glasses, a fun arrow, dots, and a handwritten style font. These elements show up across all the pieces created, including the invite, social media graphics and banners, as well as the schedule for the week.

Join in on the fun this coming week by signing up for a class! And wish Pure Barre a happy 3-year anniversary on Facebook and Instagram.

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