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Melissa Makeiff Coaching

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When Melissa shared in our mastermind that she was looking to create her own home in a corner of the online world for her coaching businesses, I knew I wanted to work with her! She is a vibrant, fun and strong woman leading the way for others to find their purpose and live the life of their dreams.

In our briefing call she shared that the work she does with her client is the work that changed her life and helped her access her intuition and confidence. I could see her passion and fire as she shared exactly what that experience is like and how she now brilliantly stands as the woman she is today.

I’m thrilled to introduce Melissa’s new home on the internet!

the brand


Melissa seeks for each woman to befriend their Wild Woman; to invite the magic of the feminine into her world, listen to her soul, trust herself fully, embrace all parts of herself and leave no part unexpressed, undervalued or misrepresented. She is guided by her all powerful intuition and creates a village of wild women to help lift up, support and accept every part of who she is and what her dreams are.


Melissa Makeiff Coaching envisions brining a large village of women together both online and into the physical space with booming centers utilizing a multi-healing modality approach along with community, accountability and support. The call to ignite the Wild Woman Way spreads like wild fire with more and more woman going out into the world and changing it.


Melissa works with women who want to reconnect to their purpose in their work, feel present and connected for themselves and their family, and feel great within themselves and their bodies. They desire fulfilling relationships with their partners, to be spiritually guided, energetically aligned, have a wealth of energy to fill their cup and be present for others, and feel joyful, worthy, abundant and alive.


+ Committed
+ Compassionate
+ Playful
+ Generous
+ Advocative


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The design utilizes animated elements, the flowing ‘m’ shape and various circle patterns to resonate the playfulness that the Wild Woman has in embracing her nature.

Animated elements also serve as a means to draw attention to the website’s objectives; like the announcement bar for a free meditation download and a pop-up screen.


The copy of the website focuses on the experience of the Wild Woman and what it looks like to step into your wild yourself. It recognizes where many women currently are and guides them to what is possible with Melissa as an advocate and champion for these women.

The story is easily followed with clear headings and next step call-to-actions. Dropdowns and sliders are also used occasionally to limit overwhelm from a larger amount of text leaving generous amounts of whitespace.

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