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Brand Style Guide Template




You take the time and spend the money to create your logo and develop your brand voice and strategy. But when the time comes to use your new identity, all of the sudden fonts, colors, messaging, etc. that aren’t reflective of your brand starts sneaking in to your social post and website, creating confusion for your client.

I’ve seen it happen many times. 

My solution? A brand style guide.

It is a place to house exactly how your brand should show up in every situation. From logo usage, to colors, fonts, templates, voice, formatting and more so you can be sure your brand shows up as it should. Every. Time.

But it can be overwhelming to create a style guide from scratch, or know what should go in it. So I’ve created an easy to use template to make it easy for you to create this tool for a consistent brand.

You receive:

  • Editable PDF to add your own text and images


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