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Own Your Happiness with Sprouting Up Health

Sprouting Up Health’s name wasn’t even chosen when Danie reached out to me. Referred by her friend Megan who worked with me on a website project she reached out to me with the desire to create branding for her business as she finished up her coaching training.

From our first call, I could feel her passion and connection for what she was creating. We began discussing her brand and what she was looking to accomplish. And through classes she was taking to prepare for entrance into her health coaching business and the brand discovery we worked through together Danie was able to define her brand and her vision of helping women own their health.

What does Sprouting Up Health Offer?

Danie walks alongside women to empower them in owning their health and finding happiness. She offers accountability for your health desires and while giving you the support needed in understanding and choosing to make healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

To help achieve this Danie offers meal plans to make it easy for busy women and working mommas to be successful in choosing healthy options. And when additional support is needed, coaching and workshops are offered to dive into what is holding you back from your desire for a healthier lifestyle.

It has been such a pleasure watching Danie grow this vision of her business as we have worked together on her branding and creating this brand identity. Her passion clearly shines through each time we talked, and I can feel the sincere care and support she has for her clients and each person’s health journey. You can find Danie by joining her over in her Facebook group, Sprouting Up Health and watch for a new website!

About the Brand

For the brand we wanted it to feel warm, welcoming, soft, and supportive while also feeling life-giving and sincere. For the logo icon I was played with ideas that were soft, feminine and organic. The final logo provides this feel with a hand drawn image of growth inside of a leaf or seed like shape. A structured font used for ‘sprouting’ gives a supportive feel, while remaining in lowercase and emphasizing rounded details to remain soft and welcoming. This is paired with a more feminie script font, which also invites a bit of fun and playfulness.

For her colors we choose greens which invite growth, with warm welcoming colors in orange and yellow. To round out the brand colors we brought in a warm neutral cream and gray and a muted blue and purple for grounding. 

To complete the look we utilized organic patterns, organic shapes and hand drawn plant elements that bring a down to earth feel and sincerity.

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About the Creative

My days are filled with thinking outside of the box, dreaming big and seeing inspiration in the unexpected. I find ways to bring new life to the ordinary and solve challenges. At my core I simply love to create and explore. When I’m not sitting behind a sketch book or computer to create my next design, I am still creating with art, photography, and writing and finding inspiration through the creation of new memories and experiences. 


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