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Nicole Bergeson Strategy

It’s about the best strategy for you so digital marketing feels easy!

Nicole Bergeson champions business owners and their team members to tell their story, develop a dynamic online presence, and reach their goals. She shines a light on the brand’s voice and aesthetic while helping them create content that serves their ideal client.

If Nicole isn’t a girl after my own brand loving heart I don’t know who is! Not to mention she is my partner in crime as my TuesdaysTogether Green Bay co-leader, and simply a wonderful friend. So I’m loving that we were able to connect to create a logo (and future website) for her new adventure, Nicole Bergeson Strategy.

Nicole is a powerhouse boss babe and mama to two adorable little boys who built up her marketing know-how running a local business in the creative industry for 8 years. She learned to navigate her way to increased engagement and exposure online and turning emails, posts and online interaction into physical sales. And Nicole is not one to be short on sharing ideas to try!

Social media and email marketing can often leave business owners overwhelmed, especially when its new to them. I’ll raise my hand for having often left the social game box unchecked because it overwhelmed me as another thing that would take too much time. But Nicole works with her clients so they feel free, overwhelmed by the knowledge of social media they are now armed with rather than the actual thought of being present, and excited, motivated and confident to create content for their audience.

She gives clients the personal tools through worksheets, ideas, and guidance to do it themselves with the time and budget they have or to feel comfortable asking her for help as an extension of their team, in their best interest, marketing them to their ideal audience and giving them the space and time to do what they love.

Nicole wants you to know – you’ve got this! Take the knowledge, make the action and run with it!

P.s. Nicole is also an awesome illustrator!

About the Logo

In the begining stages of creating this logo Nicole mentioned she was more drawn to straight lines and structure, which also would pair well in letting her more organic handwriting and illustrative style shine. We worked through a couple visual ideas but ultimately came to find a simple type based logo to suit her brand best.

The simplicity of the logo echos the feeling she wants her clients to have – that digital marketing can be simple. Using her initials, nb, as the logo icon connects the logo as hers like her namesake and the personal touch that she brings to her work.

Looking at colors for the logo I went to her Instagram feed to draw ideas from her existing pallet she uses for illustrations. Many of the gorgeous colors have become part of her overall brand, but for the logo the deep blue color fit as a strong foundation and a feeling of care. This connects to the way she arms her clients with a strong foundation of knowledge on digital marketing and the championing spirit she has for them.

However, Nicole is a bright and bold personality and we couldn’t let that go unnoticed, so the pop of golden yellow fits beautifully as a highlight to the overall logo. To provide further demension to the logo a san-serif font was paired with the serif font of her name.

Find Nicole Online

Looking to step up your digital marketing game? Nicole is your girl, be sure to give her a like on  Facebook and Instagram.

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