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Mama + Maker Breaks the Barriers of Creative Expression

Celebrating the multifaceted identities of Mamas + Makers

I’ve known Kasey for many years now. She is a talented photographer, community leader and artist. She is often filling books with sketches, collages, paint and more that leave me in awe – they are stunning! She IS an artist.

After welcoming her daughter Kasey found herself asking how to claim her new role of mother as well as her identity as artist. It’s so common that a parent takes on this new identity and in effort to show up in that space somehow loses sight of a bit of their former self. As Kasey began exploring this question she found she wanted to find a way to serve and allow women and mothers more opportunity for the creative expression they deserve. And so Mama + Maker was given life! 

The mission of Mama + Maker:

Mama + Maker seeks to break down barriers to creative expression, empower women in celebrating their many identities, including the dual role of mama + maker, and feel supported.

The vision started with the idea of in-person art classes that offered childcare, but the quick onset of lockdown amidst the COVID-19 pandemic caused Kasey to pivot brilliantly to the virtual space. For nearly a year now she has been offering beginner-friendly (you don’t need to be an artist or crafter) art workshops with a variety of projects and mediums to explore. She walks you through step by step in monthly LIVE virtual workshops, or via replay where you can go at your own pace. I’m always amazed by what she comes up with!

And in order to fulfil her mission of breaking barriers and making art accessible, Kasey also created a scholarship fund for Mama + Maker to give a free class to someone who may not be able to invest funded by her Art Mama swag and generous supporter donations. Several scholarships have already been awarded.

About the Website Design

I’m quite obsessed with how this website turned out, and I had so much fun designing it. Having outgrown her initial Mailchimp landing page the goal of this website design was to bring together all the elements Kasey had created for Mama + Maker into one user-friendly and convenient space. This included the purchase of her workshops and swag, scholarship application and more about the Mama + Maker story and mission.

We accomplished this with a 4-page website plus shop that showcases the bright and fun brand of Mama + Maker and gives attention to the opportunities of people to create!

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About the Creative

My days are filled with thinking outside of the box, dreaming big and seeing inspiration in the unexpected. I find ways to bring new life to the ordinary and solve challenges. At my core I simply love to create and explore. When I’m not sitting behind a sketch book or computer to create my next design, I am still creating with art, photography, and writing and finding inspiration through the creation of new memories and experiences. 


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