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LOGO CALL!! Seeking logos to animate

Video is only increasing in popularity and demand as new platforms like Reels and TikTok have emerged. There is no doubt they are here to stay with how powerful video can be, especially if used intentionally by businesses. If you’re still unsure about video I’d highly recommend checking out the podcast episode Shaunae and I released with guest Marvin Flavien all about video marketing strategy.

I began wondering how I could serve to elevate brands in this space; to add to the brand experience, identity, perception, recognition and loyalty in our videos – and Marvin gives a lot of great ideas in the podcast episode! But my thoughts soon went to animated logos.

Why animated logos?

Looking to video formats that have existed for years already like movies, TV and YouTube animated logos have been around. But why are animated logos such a value add and uplevel to your video experience?

Your logo is part of your brand identity, an easily recognizable mark that lets your clients know that whatever it is on is from you and can be trusted. While you could simply add your PNG logo file over your video to mark it as yours:

  • Video is moving content. Animation allows your mark to breathe life and take on movement to reflect where it is showing up and be noticed!
  • The movements and reactions of your mark provide greater personality to your logo giving more depth to your brand identity.

To encourage crafting your brand to speak boldly in all areas of your business I could no longer let the video space be forgotten about.

So, I’m excited to announce I will now be offering animated logos!! 

To kick off this exciting news I’m having a logo call!

That’s right! In order to build a small portfolio of example animated logos I’m seeking entrepreneurs who’d be willing to have their logo animated for an amazingly low introductory investment.

Here is what you could receive:

  • Your logo in a quality animation
  • An animation that reflects your brand personality and shows off your mark in the best possible way
  • Multiple HD file types to use including .mp4 and .gif with your logo in both full color and black and white
  • Multiple sizes to make sure your animated logo can be easily placed on the video you are creating like 1920 x 1080 for YouTube, Vertical for IGTV, Reels and TikTok, and Square for Instagram posts

The investment? $127. That’s it! This introductory rate over a 65% discount of the total value!

Join the logo call!

Only five spots are available. Complete the form below to request to take part.

Applications have closed for the animated logo call.

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