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living into your dreams


It has almost been one year since I made the decision to take myself out of the mindset of a freelancer and working on my business as a side hustle, to making it my career and full-time focus. But I’ll be honest, I didn’t exactly know the path to go to make it happen. Thankfully, just before leaving for a conference I had snagged a seat to a one day retreat that was happening the day after I returned. I had waited, wondering if I should go because I would have just returned from traveling the day before. Would I be tired? Would I have the time? And so many other excuses. However, with one final reminder email about the event, I made a commitment  to myself and signed up for $97, scoring – LITERALLY – the last seat! 


Slay Day

The one day retreat I attended is called Slay Day, and it is put on by Kaela Gedda, an ontological life coach who works with women (and some men) to help them live the juicy lives they dream of. I spent the day surrounded by other powerful female entrepreneurs as we connected with our visions, shared our goals, let go of our fears, ate a delicious vegan meal, and made an even stronger commitment to myself to make my entrepreneurial dreams come true. It was a game changer!

In fact, before lunch that day, when half the day wasn’t even over yet, I went up to Kaela and said thank you. She had provided so much value in the few hours that morning that was worth well over the $97 dollars I invested. The path I was previously unsure of to make my dream happen, became clearer and it completely changed my trajectory for the next year. 

Now I am obtaining more clients, being bolder in my business, making a larger income on my own, and I’ve jumped into things I never thought I would have started so soon like The Creative Legacy Podcast and another project I can’t wait to share with you soon! 

Kaela has been an amazing support structure that I am so grateful for, and it all began with valuing myself enough to commit to giving myself a day to let my wildest dreams soar. 

Now for you, my friend, I want you to know you are worth living into your dreams too!

I want you to have this experience as well.  And let me just say, Kaela is a giver! She is allowing you the chance to get into this year’s Slay Day event for only $77. That is less than I paid last year! Plus it is a 40% savings to what she will be charging this year once tickets are available to the general public after September 3.

**UPDATETickets are now $97 (still an early bird price!) through Friday, September 14 when they will go up to their final price of $127. So don’t wait and get in on this deal.


The details: Slay Day will take place Monday, October 8 at the Gather on Broadway in Green Bay. Those of you who don’t live in the area, don’t worry, there is a virtual Slay Day option for you too, so you can join in all the good vibes and connect with your power to create the life you dream of!

This year’s Slay Day is all about connecting with a dream goal, and stretching you so you can reach it in 90 days!  Imagine reaching an income goal of $30,000 in 3 months, making an impact with your favorite charity by planning and implementing a hands-on or fundraising event, or starting the lifestyle blog you’ve been debating about for years,  growing it to thousands of followers and gaining sponsors so you get paid for doing it! Your possibilities are endless. And Kaela is going to help you connect with the version of you to make your dreams happen AND help you make the plan to bring it into reality.



I’d love for you to join me!

I’d love to be a support for you along with Kaela. You are worth clicking the link below (by September 3) to grab your seat for the (still) crazy low price of $77 $97. And knowing Kaela, what you receive and the steps you put in place from this day will give you way more than this small investment. 

You’re ready and you’re worth it! I have one small ask for you to get this deal. When you click this link to get your $77 $97 ticket please list my name as the friend who referred you. Then I will know you signed up and I can celebrate with you in committing to your dreams! 

See you at Slay Day!


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