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January Bookshelf

I’ve had a goal for a long time to read 52 books in one year.

2022 is going to be the year I actually read 52 books in the year!!

Last year I finally embraced audiobooks as a means to say I’ve “read” a book. Previously, while I enjoyed audiobooks it felt off to say a completed audiobook counted towards my reading goal when I wasn’t actually putting eyes to paper.

But long story short, I’m now comfortable counting audiobooks towards my total. And this year as I work towards my goal I thought I’d share what I’m reading!

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1. “In Case You Missed It” by Lindsey Kelk


Maybe this single girl is craving a bit of romance because the first two books on this list are both revolve around finding love!

In this book, now jobless Ros returns home after years away. Back home she finds herself reconnecting with friends whose lives have changed, adjusting to being at home while her parents rekindle their relationship, and accidentally reconnecting with a past love. Could he be Mr. Right?

While a bit dramatic in my opinion, I enjoyed how the book’s underlining story was about learning about yourself, being open to growth and change, and honoring how one deserves to be treated in a relationship.

If you’re up for a light romance based in the UK, grab the book.

2. “Love Like This” by Sophie Love


This book is book #1 of The Romance Chronicles by Sophie Love. As you might be able to tell from my rating above, it isn’t my choice for a great book. However, Goodreads has a higher rating.

Keira Swanson is a young reporter who by chance got the opportunity she’d hoped for: a month-long trip to Ireland to write an article on a local festival. A matchmaker festival! Every year hundreds gather for an all-out party in hopes of being be matched with “true love,” if such a thing exists. Keira doesn’t believe so. Will Ireland, the festival, and her tour guide be able to change her mind?

Whirlwind romance lovers can grab the story here.

3. “Marriage Vacation” by Pauline Turner Brooks

CURRENTLY READING • Check back for rating and review

If you are a fan of the TV show Younger, you will probably love this book! It’s the story of Pauline, Charles’ wife who left him and later comes back in the series. Yep, this book is written under the pseudo name of a fictional character. While I don’t have a formal review of the book, I’m currently enjoying the new insight into the character.

4. “Atomic Habits” by James Clear

CURRENTLY READING • Check back for rating and review

I had the opportunity to hear James Clear speak at the Seanwes conference in 2017 and really enjoyed his take on habit-forming. So I’m really excited to be diving into this Amazon bestseller and reading more about Clear’s habit-building approach.

5. “Unglued Devotional” by Lysa TerKeurst

CURRENTLY READING • Check back for rating and review

Last year I started intentionally diving into a devotional each morning to connect with God’s word. Unglued is my current devotional that I’m about halfway through. It is accompanied by a book and group study guide if you want to dig even deeper. But TerKeurst focuses on the moments we become “unglued” and let all the emotions of frustration, anger, etc. burst out, and how we can better process and manage our emotions by looking to the Word.

Upcoming books:

Built to Belong by Natalie Frank – yep I’m reading it again

Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller – loved his book Building a Story Brand

Have a book suggestion? Drop it in the comments!

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