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If you have an email list you’ll want to read this

Have you been hearing about the Google/Yahoo requirements for mass email? 

If you’re sending out emails to an email list via:

  • ConvertKit
  • Flodesk
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Mailer Lite 
  • or something similar…

Listen up for a minute or your emails may start hitting spam.

Google & Yahoo are implementing changes and requirements for emails sent via an email marketing tool to land safely into users’ inboxes and not the dreaded junk folders. 😬

While Yahoo is reporting this is for emails sent to 5,000 or more subscribers in a day, Google is being tight-lipped about their number; so you’ll want to do these just. in. case. Even if you have a smaller list. 

What are those requirements?

  • Emails sent via an email marketing tool CAN NOT be a address. Google Workspace emails with your domain name are OK. But your email does need to include your domain name.
  • SPF, DKIM & DMARC records need to be added to your domain’s DNS records. Your email marketing provider should provide a DKIM record to add.
    • Your DMARC will be a TXT record (swap for your domain name of course): 
      value: v=DMARC1; p=none; 
  • If your email marketing provider has the option to verify your domain, do it!
  • Finally, keep your spam complaints to under 0.3%

This last one might have you baffled, huh?

But if you don’t already have a Google Postmasters account you can set one up to track the performance of your emails and your spam complaints.

How can you prevent spam complaints?

  • If you add emails to your list via a product purchase or similar, make sure to add a checkbox in your cart to confirm their desire to sign up.
  • Set up double opt-in (meaning someone sign-ups and then gets sent a confirmation email where they have to verify their sign-up)
  • Make sure subscribers are clear on WHAT they are signing up for and provide desirable content. 

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