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How to create a vision statement

Before we dive into the how-to, let’s first clarify the difference between a mission statement and a vision statement.

One of the most noticeable differences of a mission is that it focuses more on the present. A mission statement will define a company’s “what”, “how” and objectives. In contrast, a vision statement is more future-focused. It’s a vision of what the company ultimately looks to achieve or how it desires to be positioned. And while a vision statement is often related to the mission statement, it is a statement of “why”.

What should a vision statement look like?

A key guideline is that a vision statement should be short and easy enough to memorize. Likely that will be 1-2 sentences. It will be a clear future-forward statement of your desires in business.

This could look like:

  1. Being a leader for (your niche)
  2. Creating a cultural shift
  3. Ending a local, state, national or world problem 
  4. Making (specific difference) for (target group)

Writing your vision statement

The importance of a vision statement has two purposes. First, it will often define your values as a business, and people are increasingly looking to connect and utilize services of business they align with. Second, it’s a broader and greater outlook for your business, similar to a goal. It gives you something more to work towards and strive for.

So let’s take a look at some steps and questions to answer to help you write your vision statement:

  1. Look at your mission statement (or what your business does)
  2. List what your values are for your business
  3. Knowing what you are doing in your business and your business values how do you see your business positioned in 5-10 years and beyond?
  4. What greater impact (remember 5-10 years) do you want to make and for whom? What can you realistically achieve? How will life be different if it is achieved?
  5. Keep it simple and specific. How can you state your answers 3 & 4 above in the most concise and most clear way?

Need inspiration, you can find examples of business vision statements on Hubspot.

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