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Grateful Plates Educates + Inspires Healthy Living

“Giving Thanks for Real Food, Natural Living + Authentic Community”

Last year Megan reached out to me with her goal: to step back into the role of entrepreneur in the health and wellness space. Her passion was driven by her own story of dealing with sleepless nights and low energy; even postpartum anxiety after welcoming her first child. This story was one she set out to change.

She began researching what she was putting into her body and making different choices. This looked like clean and whole foods that were free of refined sugars, dairy and gluten. But it wasn’t only the food that went into her body, she began looking at natural alternatives for clean living; soaps, lotions, cleaners, candles…anything that could be absorbed by her skin or breathed in.

Along this journey she found her energy return, her hormones balance, and more restful sleep. As a young mom, she KNEW she wasn’t alone. And she built a community helping other women with healthy living and finding hormone balance.

The mission of Grateful Plates:

Megan’s goal is to provide you the tools for creating life-long healthy habits, inspired through food and education to instill energy and joy. And she is driven by verses from 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit…Therefore honor God with your bodies.” 

What Megan offers at Grateful Plates

Megan is a nutritionist and holistic health coach who offers easy weekly meal plans that are kid and family friendly so help women bring healthier choices and lifestyles to not only themselves but their families. For those who are looking to make a greater shift in their life and find vibrant energy Megan offers three coaching options to fit different needs and budgets. 

I absolutely adore Megan. She is an amazing cheerleader for her family, friends and clients to reach their health goals and is truly a down to earth, caring and compassionate individual with a creative way in the kitchen. Join her Facebook group where she shows up on the daily and you will see it for yourself.

About the Website Redesign

Getting into the design, Megan was looking to update her DIY WordPress website to include a payment platform for the meal plans she was about to launch, as well as several coaching services while providing. Visually she also was looking to make elements of her website more balanced and reflective of what she offered.

We introduced WooComemrce with the Subscriptions extension for her meal plans as a payment platform and beautifully crafted her website with a warm and welcoming feel reflective of who Megan is and the feeling she provides to her clients. This is paired with vibrant and enticing healthy food images of her actual meals in her plans and coaching to showcase healthy eating is not limiting yourself and gets to be just as delicious and fun. I adore the softness and playfulness in this website, while also being professional and educating.

Find Grateful Plates Online

Download three days of meal plans free at

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