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Giving action to the brand strategy you developed

There’s a quote from Gary Vaynerchuk, “Ideas with are sh*t without execution.”

In the same way, brand strategy is sh*t without execution because plans don’t drive results.

But action does!

Action is the final step of my 4-part brand strategy process

Once you’ve set your foundation, your building blocks for your brand strategy, it’s now time to implement a plan to use it!

But what exactly do you do to implement it?
1. Consider what steps need to be completed for you to have consistency show up in your…
  1. brand experience
  2. brand messaging
  3. brand identity

You may need to order thank you cards to add to your brand experience. Perhaps you need to set up a place for you to write down common things you say to access them later when writing copy. Or maybe you need to refresh your website so your brand identity is more clear or more present.

If it helps, go through each touchpoint your business has with your client and ask,

  1. Is this experience representing how I want my brand to be perceived?
  2. Does this messaging communicate how I want my brand to b perceived?
  3. Does this look like it is from my brand by intentionally using the elements of my brand identity?
2. Set up any tools or systems that will help you to stay consistent

I’m a big fan of creating systems (and automation where possible) to make business easier AND be more consistent. There are many tools that can help us do this.

Some examples of tools:

  1. Asana (or similar) checklist templates for repeatable client experiences.
  2. Canva templates that use your brand identity guidelines. And with the paid version of Canva, it also houses your colors, fonts and logos for easy access.
  3. Creating a copy bank that houses things you say often in your brand tone of voice
  4. Creating your branding style guide (👈🏼 I’ve got a template for you)
3. Note if there is additional support you need

We as business owners can do a lot of things, but it’s more difficult to always do everything.

So take look and see where you may need help, especially in what can’t be automated. Help can look like assistance from a virtual assistant or current team member to take on a new task that you may not love, a designer to update your website, a copywriter to help you write a killer sales page, or a project manager to create repeatable systems and make sure they are happening.

Outsource where you can and make plans to save for what you’d like/need in the future.

But also remember, brands grow, change and evolve.

Nothing is stagnant in a brand so we get to remain open to flexibility when new opportunities arise. This is why regularly checking in with your brand is important.

When a change in your brand happens you revisit these steps and make changes as needed.

This is part four of a four part series for developing your brand strategy:

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