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Hey VIP! You’re the star here.

Ready for a dreamy on brand level up of your marketing?

You adore your branding. The fonts, colors, and patterns are perfect. But how in the world do you use them together to create a consistent look and feel

… on Instagram?

… on your website?

… on (insert other marketing creative here)?

Queue the awkward Canva moment!

As much Canva it makes it easy to choose a template and DIY your social graphic,
it doesn’t teach you how to use and pair your brand elements.

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably experienced at least one of these:

  • Your designs don’t feel cohesive and you are constantly changing styles based on the template you find
  • You’re unsure how to make all of the elements of your brand work together
  • Creating graphics just takes too long!

Take back time to work in your business
instead of trying to figure out how to best create a social graphic 
AND check off items on your “to-design” list

What if instead…

  • in a short amount of time that checklist of things to design was done for you?
  • when it was time to create a social post or presentation you had a branded template to easily swap a bit of text and photos – no additional design work required?

  • you didn’t feel overwhelmed by creating a design to promote and show off your brand, a product or service and instead could simply spend your time working in your business instead of on it?

  • you could feel confident that your designs make the best use of your brand identity?

say hello to

design sprints

4-hours dedicated to you in a 1:1 virtual creative session in your Canva account
to check off as many of those design to-dos and templates as possible

When the four hours are done…

It’s time for a #danceprenuer party celebration


You’ll have assets and easy to use templates that will turn heads with your brand astehtic on lock

Ready for the VIP treatment?

book your design sprint

Hi there, I’m Sarah


I’m a midwest based brand strategist and designer.

I’ve blended together my years of experience in both marketing and design to find a passion for helping entrepreneurs share their brand clearly and confidently — and look good doing it!

When I’m not lifting up brands to their highest potential you can find me seeking out my next adventure, learning about other cultures, exploring the outdoors, or curled up with a good book. #TravelLife #Bookworm

you might be asking…

What will happen in the 4-hours?

We will spend 15 minutes in strategy, aligning goals for the sprint, followed by two 1.5 hour design sprints with a 15-minute break in-between, and wrap it up with 30 minutes of review and polishing.

How many graphics will we create?

This will vary based on needs and complexity.

Is there anything we cannot work on during the 4-hours?

At this time VIP design sprints cannot be used for brand identities and websites. It is also not ideal for large custom print or digital projects that would take longer than a few hours. If you’re unsure, please email me and I can let you know.

What is needed for a VIP Design Sprint?
  • Canva Account
  • All required assets ready to go (brand logo, fonts, colors, images, video, etc.), ideally already uploaded into Canva
  • An idea of what you’d like to accomplish and your priorities
  • Completed agreement and strategy prep questionnaire
Do I have to be present for the full 4-hours?

You must be present for the strategy and goal alignment as well as the review and polishing portion. While I believe it will be a better experience if you can be present for the design sprints, it is not required.

However, you must be available to quickly respond to questions via email as they arise or it may hinder the amount of work that can be completed.

If you do join me, think of it as virtual co-work time! I’ll be screen-sharing on camera, but you don’t have to be on camera or watching me work every minute – feel free to multi-task.

Is this experience available in-person?

It could be! I’m up for an in-person session. However, for locations outside of the Green Bay, WI area travel fees will be applied to the service. If you’d like to travel to Green Bay, you are reliable for any travel expenses.

Can more than one person be on the call?

Yes, up to 3 people may join. But please align your goals and vision prior to the VIP design sprint to maximize our time.

Can I book more than one session?

Absolutely! For this limited-time beta launch offer, each session will be $600. However, once launched at full price discounted bundle options will be available!

How far in advance can I book a session for?

Currently, your first session can be booked to take place by January 31, 2023 at Beta Launch pricing. If you would like to book more than one session at the discounted rate before the launch, additional sessions can be booked out as far as March 31, 2023. This will look different once launched. Those details are still being worked on.

What happens after the session?

You will have access to all graphics to use and duplicate for your business and on social! If there are items that we do not get to you can either book another VIP day or request a quote for completion.