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Creating consistency is important to your brand strategy

“Consistency is the key to successful branding.”

These are the words in a Forbes article titled “Why consistency is the key to successful branding.” And I could not agree more with that statement. Here are a two main reasons why:

1️⃣ Consistency creates recognition of your brand

This will include your visual brand identity and creating recognition of your logo, fonts and colors of course. But it goes beyond that. Think about your tone of voice in content you put out, is that consistent? How about your service and what you provide, do you have a workflow that helps you give a consistent and recognizable experience every time?

2️⃣ Consistency creates trust

When recognition of your brand is achieved though consistency, it also builds trust. This can be because you’ve positioned yourself as an expert in your content. Or it could be because of social proof received as a result of consistently providing a great experience.

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