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How to: instagram links page 

It’s no secret I love Instagram. There is one thing that has always been a little difficult about it though – it doesn’t allow for links in your posts! That is, unless you have the swipe up feature in stories of course. Yet the many users with under the 10K follower mark to get that swipe feature are limited to saying, “link in bio.” 

Being able to put a link in your portfolio helps, but what about those times when you need more than one link available?

There are several solutions including services like Linktree, but personally I believe nothing beats utilizing your own website and driving traffic to your own space. So let’s talk about that!


It’s Really As Simple As Creating a New Page On Your Website

My first recommendation would be to create this page as a blank page without your typical website navigation and header. While you can leave it, we want this page to have clear call-to-actions for your followers to take and a navigation adds more complexity.

In Squarespace you will need to add a bit of code to remove the header and footer. What that looks like may vary depending on your template but typically that could would look like:

        #collection-id { .header, .footer { display:none !important; }}

The collection ID is specific to the page, so you will need to swap that out for the collection ID of the page you are looking to hide the header and footer on. An easy tool to find this is the Google Chrome extension Squarespace collection/block identifier.


Building The Structure



At the top of the page add a picture of you or your logo to help identify and connect the page as your brand’s page and links.


I recommend adding no more than six buttons. This is, again, to create clear call-to-actions. Having too many options to choose from increases the complexity of the decision your followers need to make and the amount of time needed to read them all.

Of course, at times one or two more may be necessary, but don’t forget to remove links that are no longer necessary.

While several of the buttons may lead to different pages on your website, I recommend having one button simply say website and link to your home page for those who are simply interested in learning more about you and what you have to offer.

As far as the order of the buttons, keep your most important one at the top. If you are currently promoting a course, have the top button be a link to that course’s sign-up page.

Social Media Links

Below the buttons you can add small icons to your social accounts. Since the links are coming from Instagram, there is not a need to list this one unless you plan to use the link page elsewhere as well. Also be sure to only include social accounts you are active on.


Styling The Page

As with anything you are putting out for your business, make sure it is on brand with colors, textures, patterns, images, fonts, etc. I like to keep things simple and do a solid color for the background or gradient if it is part of your brand visuals. 

For the buttons, you can choose to do a different brand color, black or white; whatever stands out best against the background (p.s. the background could also be white or black if you want the buttons to stand out in a color). Use a font that is also on brand and consistent with your website for your button text.

Going one step further, I love the idea of making the buttons all the same width so is a bit cleaner on the page. 

Give your page a simple link name and add it to your bio!

You can check out mine at





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