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Plan & reach your business goals with the 2021 Year of My Rise planner

It has been proven time and time again that if you write down our vision and goals you are more likely to achieve them. And that is why I’m so excited to share…

The Year of My Rise Planner is BACK for 2021!

My friends Lisa and Kaela, the mother-daughter power duo and creators of Rise Leadership Circle reached out to me to bring their debut planner back for another year. This planner walks you through their signature Epic Year by Design to create your soul vision. Then each quarter it guides you to create a 90-Day Splash Plan to align you with your vision for the next three months to help you get closer to your larger soul vision, as well as provides the space to plan out your short-term goals and plans to achieve them. I’ve worked with Kaela and Lisa as my own business and life coaches, so I know how effective their goal setting exercises can be!

Of course, this is a planner so you will also find monthly calendars each featuring one of their 12 leadership paradigms, as well as, weekly spreads to plan your days in NEW 15-minute increments and write down your daily intentions. Weekly spreads provide additional space to write important reminders, celebrations, gratitude and seeds you’ve planted (contacts/touch points made). Additionally, each month features several notes pages to plan, organize or for your best use.

This year’s planner design features a beautiful black cover with a silver foil and soft-touch finish. The inside pages are bright, light and spacious providing the perfect canvas for you to plan your goals, months and days. The paper inside was chosen to help prevent ink bleeding on to the next page. Each day also features the moon phases to follow the lunar cycle. It is all bound by a sturdy silver double wire to hold your pages all year long.

This planner is the perfect tool to creating your best year in 2021!

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